Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hey Flan,
I hope The Event went well. We are in moBEEL and the uhaul has been unloaded at Laura's. This did mean that we had to tell Laura that we are currently apartment-less and deal with the consequenses therein.
I have done a grand total of zero stitches of knitting since leaving MN. I did, however, grab two balls of the pink Heirloom (destined for the DON sweater) and hid them in my purse, lest Laura see them and wonder why I had pink baby yarn. Many imaginary friends will probably need to be invented as recipients for all of my projects. I'm hoping to swatch the yarn tonight. I was hoping to have done it last night, but, alas, could not find the stupid box with the lovely yarn. My collection of needles were in the seat next to me. I've decided to make two sweaters, each using the green. One will be green and pink with the picot edging. The other will be navy and green with a garter edging. The leftover pink will probably be used for one of the adorable dresses in the DON book. Laura volunteered to take me to The Yarn Store (the only one in moBEEL) sometime next week. With that adventure pending I think I might go and spend time with the pretty pink yarn and ignore the boys.
Again, hopefully The Event went well and you're having some (relaxing?) time with Your Mommy.

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