Friday, April 28, 2006

It takes Four

Hi Flan,
My internet is getting turned off today or tomorrow, so this could be the last MN post. So while at Zales today I learned that it takes four sales associates to look at a customer's hand. I was not aware of this prior to today. I was standing at the display counter, in front of the one object that The Mommy has requested (and when The Mommy requests, then The Requestee better comply) and waited.... and waited.... and waited.... Once I was finally spotted by one of the sales associates I thought "ah, now I can relax and enjoy the sparklies whilst having some assistance". Oh how wrong I was. She saw me and then kept looking at the customer's hand. The same hand that three other sales associates were also looking at. I had to ask someone for help.
In my experience mall sales people are the most notorious piranhas on the mall world. They wait for you, smiling their beguiling smiles, luring you in with things that sparkle and glitter, all the while planning their wallet-gouging attack. This is what I was expecting. I was waiting for one of the four black coated drones to smell fresh blood in the water. But no! They were all entranced with the other lady's hand. They couldn't be bothered with me. Never ever ever again. Ever.
On the knitting front... It took slitting only two packed boxes to locate one ball of yarn and needles needed for tomorrow's Yarnover. I have managed to cast on an as yet undetermined number of sts. Hopefully, by tomorrow, there will be the required number of sts and the required 12 rows completed. My ten minute break between 50 minute cleaning binge is up.
"Break time's over, back on your heads"

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