Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stress Relief

Work stress is consuming me - I know you understand. This week has involved seating 1200 people, which is hectic at best, and time consuming beyond all reason. As a result of that and several late nights, I'm officially behind on my sockapalooza socks, which are supposed to be sent May 2.

What with a work event for 1200 on May 3, I think I'll be a little late. Time to e-mail the coordinator so she can pass an anonymous message for me.

Of course, I did cheat on my sockapalooza socks a little (They are so pretty I want to keep them, but that's another story). My hands have been hurting with the size 1 needles, so I cast on for a Clapotis in the variegated bamboo yarn my mom got me for Christmas which hopefully will go well with my dress for Erik's wedding. I'll show you tonight when I see you for dinner.

Add to that the fact that I haven't finished my swatches for Yarnover (ACK) on Saturday, and it's a little nuts. I'm glad you had the tour of yarn stores (and Dale of Norway!), and found new needles and new yarn.

(Oh, by the way we sold your bike. Also the bed. It didn't even take that long.)

So we shall see you this evening, before you read this post, for your pre-moving dinner and tour of my apartment. Nice short tour, since it is a studio!

Off to seat another hundred or so people.

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