Thursday, April 27, 2006

Vacations are Tough

So I sat on the plane looking at my yarn today. Not knitting, just looking. I had been working on the DOL blanket, the pink and green one I showed you at dinner. The border isn't right and I really want the sweater to work out, so perhaps I'll try and liberate some needles and start that one first. I need to sit down and do a different cast on, starting with the pink and then figure out what I'm going to do with the green.
Now that I'm home and have surveyed the scene I'm wondering the feasability of Saturday's upcoming day o' yarn. I would love to go, but am not sure at all if that is going to happen. It would kind of suck to be out the money, but, when it comes to moving, the push always meets the shove and this time is no different. The Hubby has done and ok job of getting his stuff in order. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to include much of the household stuff. I'm alarmed but not freaked (yet). I've put him to bed for the night an I think that I'll start on some of the other stuff so as to better have a handle on the situation.
Thanks for dinner. It was nice to see you. The need to sleep at your house on Sunday after we "move out" is becoming an ever likelier senario. In spite of all that, the new yarn still rocks.

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