Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kathleen's First Post

Kathleen can't get into her account, so here is her first post via Flan's e-mail:

I thought it might be about time for that particular store to have its stale sale. Why the hatred of cotton? At one (out of four) yarn stores I was at in Bellingham they disliked cotton too! Don't they understand that The Mommy won't wear wool?! The Mommy gets to have hand knitted things from the daughter and they will be made out of not wool, so why aren't they just happy with taking my money and saving the judgment for when I leave? Omg- the store where Deborah works is soo fabulous. I have so many pretty things now. I love the family discount. Apparently the teeny town where the 93y.o. gma lives now has a yarn store, so after I take her to lunch in the red mini (which, apparently, she loves) I am going to go to the 5th yarn store of the trip. Oh, Regia is now making a merino/ silk blend. So delightful. I have soo many yards of yarn that I didn't have at the beginning of the trip. Happy.

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