Friday, May 05, 2006


Hey Flan,
I'm so happy that things went well! Hopefully things will continue to do so. Ooohhh!!! If you and your mom have some time you should DEFINITELY go to the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove. They have a website & it's totally worth the drive. The yarn is great AND there's a cafe that even sells vino. Vino + Wine = Happy Knitters. There are even some great chairs that you can sit in whilst enjoying it all.
I have been to moBEEL's only yarn store. It isn't completely terrible. They have an overabundant love of novelty yarn the likes of which I'm not sure I have ever witnessed (think Yarnover but much much more so). On the happy side, they do have some ArtYarn, some Lorna's Laces and, oh yes, they have some of the happier brand of Baby Alpaca. There just so happened to be some (already wound) in the sale section. That one just happened to find its way home with me. Funny how that worked out. I'm knitting a long skinny scarf for The Sister out of humongous (15s) needles. A bit of a change after playing with the Heirloom on 2s. I'm so happy.
We're still working the details out. Things look not completely bleak, so that's a nice sign. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you- WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not an apartment, nor townhouse, but an actual HOUSE house! With walls and doors and everything! Ok, we don't actually get to move in for another 3 weeks, but thankfully The Best Man's floor upon which the air mattress goes is quite delightful.
So after June 1 you can come and actually have a place to stay! Since there's no washer I am now off to get a load of laundry ready so it can wash whilst we unload the car at The MotherInLaw's apartment.
Check out the Yarn Cafe. I hope y'all like it. Say hi to your Mom for me.

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