Sunday, May 07, 2006

Socks and Birthday Parties

Since I still don't have a digital camera, I'm linking to my sock pal's post that shows my beautiful socks. I tried them on and they fit perfectly and are super warm. I love them! (Also, I already ate the Texas Pecan Pralines...also excellent). So thanks to a great sock pal Dene. My beautiful package is here. Have I mentioned that I love my socks?

Knitting on the socks for my pal continue, hoping to get them done by the end of the month. The more I knit them the more I like them- I'm thinking of buying another ball in the same colorway and knitting a pair for myself!

I'm also working a bit on Clapotis, so far so good, still on track to finish by the LA wedding.

There are no alligators in my life here. Yesterday we attended two birthday parties: one for a two year old (Make Way for Ducklings was a great hit).

The other was out in Big Lake (west on 94 about 1 hour) for a choir person from Mac. It was a really entertaining mix of people and good fun, and culminated in a bonfire. Not just any bonfire either. They had gotten a fire permit, which you apparently are issued at a bar rather than at the fire department, and had this huge pile of dead wood cleaned up from a beaver's path of destruction last fall. SO this stuff had been drying all winter. The stack of logs was taller than me, and it was lit with gasoline (woosh doesn't even begin to describe it). Within seconds the flames were 15 feet high, and everyone was beating a hasty retreat so as not to have hair catch on fire. The Arizonan in me was freaking out thinking "Flames! huge flames! Flying embers! We're going to catch the forest on fire! How is this legal?" Of course after 4 days of rain last week, there was really no risk in Minnesota, but it took a while to adjust.

So excited that you're getting a house! And that the floor of the Best Man has proved properly delightful. I shall need pictures of this house!

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