Tuesday, May 16, 2006

West Wing

I can’t believe it’s over. That wonderful imaginary world that I got to live in for an hour a week for seven years. Now they just need to get the last season out on DVD quickly so I can have marathons of West Wing watching. I managed not to cry until I got in my car (we were at the weekly West Wing party) but then I cried all the way home. I still want to be CJ after all these years, and if I could buy up her wardrobe from the show, I would do it in an instant.

I loved how they could make arcane points of policy important and interesting, how they balanced the private lives of the characters with the action in the White House, and how often it made me proud to be involved in politics. I also remember hanging out in the 30Mac lounge to watch my first year, and at the house and later your apartment all the way through college. The ritual of watching it brought me closer to so many people over the years.

I’ve taken up watching a new show- not nearly the equal of WW, but a show I’m enjoying anyway—Grey’s Anatomy. Last night was the two hour season finale, and once again I found myself crying along with the show. It also proves to be excellent knitting TV. Interesting and fast paced enough that I knit at a rapid pace, but I’m able to look away when necessary to check on my knitting or a chart.

So I think the problem with your plan for the starting with lots of stitches and working your way down to very few is that you need to be REALLY sure you have enough yarn, otherwise you’ll run out before you get to the point at the end. I think I read about this in Stephanie’s newest book in the shawl section.

I’m putting Maryland on my calendar. It looks like it might be the weekend after the Annual Event, which means I might still be crazy, but I’ll be very relieved! Plus I can say that going is my reward for surviving the event!

I ended up at the hospital for three hours yesterday because the person who previously held my job almost fainted during a protest at the Capitol and I went with her in the ambulance and such. Handy that I’d brought my sockapaloooza socks along for the ride, because I got quite a bit done on them while waiting in the Regions ER. (She’ll be fine, she had a bad infection). I also managed to power through 3 repeats of Clapotis last night during the Grey’s Anatomy finale, so I might manage to finish this on deadline.

This post is getting long, so I’m off, but I promise tomorrow’s post will include my exciting weekend plans (they involve Geena Davis in person!, but missing a mass public knitting event) and my complicated plan to finish the socks and shawl by June 1! Also, my knitting plans out of Mason-Dixon Knitting.

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BBeadle said...

You have totally caputerd my feelings of the show. I too want CJ's wardrobe (especially her blue and white gown in Gallileo V).
I also have WW playing while I knit/crochet! I'm starting a WW Knitters/Crocheters club on Ravelry.com, actually that's how I found you post, I was looking for some pictures or maybe a fun little WW inspired project to get the group going.