Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wedding Bells

Hey Flan-
I hope you made it back to The Cities in one piece. I just found out that The MIL is going to Tennessee to vist her sister for 10 days. This vacation happens to fall on her birthday, thus making our celebration of her birthday postponed until she returns. That means that I might actually have my kitchen in order and might actually be able to carry off some sort of celebratory event (as opposed to pointing to a random box and saying, "I think the ice cream maker might be in there... Want to find out?" as a clever way of unpacking). She says she won't eat brown rice, and yet she eats white rice...
The Hubby starts work down here today. We were at The MIL's finding proper work attire and I just happened to stumble across the blue and red Debbie Bliss socks as well as the sock yarn for The Santa Fe Auntie. I'm not sure what pattern I'm going to use for her yet, but it's nice to have the yarn. I'm also doing the plaited ribbed scarf for The Future SIL. It's the cream chunky alpaca that we both have yarn for. I love this yarn. In my new Yarn Cafe book there is a guy's sweater that calls for this yarn. It might be a good option for your guy, given the MN weather.
Yesterday we purchased the wedding giftie for the upcoming LA wedding. We got them the picnic basket from BB&B. No one else had gotten them one when we did. I checked the registry today and now not only did we buy them one, but someone else did too! Oh well. Thank goodness for returns. How is Clapotis going?
Stitch'n'Bitch is tonight. Hopefully the yarn for the wedding giftie is here. More later.

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