Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey Flan,
Yup, B& N is evil. We would not have made it through the sirens, but who can blame us?

I LOVE your idea about the MD Wool Fest reunion! PLUS, The Brother happens to live in MD, so that would be some delightfully free accomodations. Mark your calendar. When I find mine in a couple weeks I will mark mine.

Grandma's BDay and Mother's Day festivities are over! I have also had the chance to shower and nap, which have added to my festive attitude. Yesterday we loaded the car with all the food- you'd swear that I was feeding a herd of elephants- and trucked it all over to The Grandmother's. We unloaded all the brunch stuff and hauled the cold appetizer to The Aunt and Uncle's. I made Endive leaves w/ lemon goat cheese topped w/ cherry tomatoes. It was good. I had to go to five grocery stores in order to find Belgian Endive in this town, but found it I did. Even The MIL ate some. I left Ken at The A&U's and headed to The Grandmother's. (Ken went fishing this morning and brought The MIL over this morning.)

Brunch went well. I did almost the same as your Graduation Brunch. We had green salad (I found some exciting lettuce, and trust me, there are), spinach quiche (two, plus one in a ramekin for The MIL), honeydew and cantelope, blueberry coffeecake and gluten-free currant scones (courtesy of The MIL), ham, and pineapple topped with blackberries (served in the crystal pineapple shaped crystal bowl from The Grandmother). We had fresh OJ and Coffee. I did five centerpieces of tea cups with four yellow roses each. They were pretty (and the best use of those damn tea cups). And now it's over! It turned out well but I'm happy I'm not doing another brunch out of a boy's kitchen.

Knitting... Oh right... The "focus" of the blog. Well, I'm progressing on the leaf scarf. I would like to say that my love for Lucy continues, as does the knitting. I do have one question about The mondo Wedding Throw. You start with the bottom corner and increase at each edge of every row, working toward the long edge. At The Yarnover my teacher was talking about this shawl she does and she starts at the long edge, so she tackles the big section while her new project enthusiasm is at it's peak. Then, as the project goes on and said new project enthusiasm wanes the project gets smaller. I thought of this and think that, perhaps, I should flip the direction for the shawl so instead of getting larger it gets smaller. What do you think?

Off to tend the garden of knitted leaves and perfect my pedicure.

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