Friday, May 05, 2006

Event DONE!

Glad to see you're safely arrived in Mobile. How is the apartment search thing going? Is everything still at Laura's place?
The event is done, and I can actually sleep at night these days. It turns out that 1200 is a LOT of people, and kind of like herding cats, but there comes a point where the event will happen one way or another, and it ended up happening in great style. Our speaker was excellent, the person who introduced her was excellent, response to the fundraising challenge was amazing, and there were a limited number of crises, all of which I managed to solve with minimal pain on my part. (I may have offended a former governor, but sometimes that is the price you pay for doing a job.) My mom is still around, and we've been touring yarn stores in our spare time. So far she loves Borealis the best, and likes Depth of Field, and is suddenly much less impressed by that other store (you know, the one that hates cotton.)

I gave her the yarn I bought at Yarnover as an early Mother's Day present with the caveat that she'd be getting a shawl made from the same yarn for a later holiday. She's a knitter, she understands.

Yesterday I arrived home to not one but two packages outside my door! One was the swift from your mom, which arrived safe and sound, and the other was my socks from my sock pal. They are so beautiful and perfect that they'll need to get their own post with pictures (must borrow the camera from Mike) this weekend.

This also provides the inspiration to work really hard to finish the socks I need to send out- my pal knows they'll be a few weeks late, but I'd like that to be accurate!

Oh, and this afternoon Mom and I are getting a tour of the new Guthrie with my boss's partner. Should be pretty exciting, since the building isn't open to the public yet!

This weekend's plans? A birthday party for a 2 year old (we're determined to find what may be the cutest book ever for him, I'll find a link later), and a birthday party for a friend from Mac. And sleeping LOTS to catch up on the last week.

Yay imaginary expecting friends to knit for! I think that will work well, as long as she never finds the stash of finished projects.

Hope you're finding a good place to live. I'll be around on Sunday, less so on Saturday (aforementioned birthday parties).

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