Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First AL Yarn Purchase (!)

Hey Flan-
I not only bought a Yarn Club Membership ($15 for 10% off all year and 20% off once during your birthday month- we compared it to the other yarn stores' membership cards and this one is better because theirs are generally spend $$$$ and get $10 off once), but I also bought THE yarn for The Wedding Gift. I saw a color card and the color in the photo is the one I got for them and it's a taupe with a tiny tinge of gray. The color I think I will do for us is a light tan, but it's sort of buttery (I'm so in love).
So I was looking at the MD Fest and thought that, maybe, in addition to going to the fest if we could also hit the yarn shops of MD. Knitter's Review just did a review of MD yarn stores and, with your experience and delightful geographic knowledge, we could find a couple.
I'm tired and it's not even that late. I only got out of bed 12 hours ago, but I think I'm recovering from doing Mother's Day Brunch. (The Grandmother In Law was talking to Ken earlier and said how nice everything was. She then said that she was going to go buy some nice paper and tell my parents that they had done a good job raising me. So cute. So Southern). Sorry this is rambly, but it's honestly as coherant as possible. Btw: I want all the shoes on Sex in the City.

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