Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"The Socks go Marching One by One, Hurrah, Hurrah.."

Hey Flan,
Congrats on the air conditioner! My second most favorite appliance. (The marriage saving dishwasher not yet having been knocked from its post) I would just like to say that weighing yarn is one of the most brilliant things I had thought of. Dad has this crazy scale that goes down to a hundredth of a gram (or something ridiculus), so I weighed a ball of the heirloom on it and found out that I had actually been right and had actually knit half of the ball as the lovely 13 grams on the scale showed me. I love the scale method so much I got on the BestBuy website (after scouring the WilliamsSonoma Website) and found three kitchen scales made by the same company that WS carries. The Hubby is checking on the discount prices. If they are a delightful discount I will get you one and send it up. So brilliant. DOL had it right when they list the requirements in grams and not yards. Yards be damned! I'm weighing stuff from now on! Not me, of course, but there will be little post-its on all of my balls of yarn containing the exact weight of the yarn (and probably nothing else).
Tonight is S&B at the C grade Yarn Store. I earned my way in to going by finally completing my application for the job! I'm excited. Now it just needs to find its way to the post office...
As my other reward I get to take a break and watch Dr. Phil. It's a small world that I live in, but a happy one.

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