Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Love for Lucy

Hey Flan-
It was so nice to chat last night. Better (and cheaper) than Vicodin. So I spent the morning with The MIL. We were "shopping". It was an experience that I would equate to being treated like an exchange student. In addition to every discount store, except for the one that I actually have ever shopped in, we went to THREE grocery stores. Apparently she feels that the set up of the grocery stores south o' The Line are significantly different enough that I needed a thorough primer in their geography. Oh my. She also gives directions via the round a bout method. I.E. instructing you to take three lefts across noon time traffic instead of one right turn. I drove the entire time and, honestly, have no blessed idea where anything actually is. There IS an upside. After dropping her off I went back to the one discount store that I have shopped in before and found three beautiful white serving dishes! Now there will be something from which to serve Mother's Day Brunch.
Ok, I would just like to come out and say that I LOVE Lucy Neatby. Ms. Neatby doesn't know me or anything and I'm trying to restrain my adoration short of the stalker phase. Although I'm not sure that restraining orders work internationally.... In short she is absolutely the most brilliant knitwear designer on the PLANET. As you know I only work from patterns. And I hoarde patterns. And, as with one particularly fussy pattern for a moss stitch sheep, I have to call in reinforcements in the form of liquid refreshment, other knitters, and a whole lot of swearing in order to understand the damn thing. None of that exists with Lucy. I don't think she would allow it. She respects us as knitters and provides for our read the chart/ line by line directional preferences. In short, I love her and her patterns.
The yarn that she, supposedly, designed the brilliant pattern to suit is not so much striking my fancy. The color sends me over the moon and the whole thing is making me exceedingly happy. However, the width is inconsistent and I am not at all sure that the yarn I have is actually going to turn out to be the heavenly cloud like scarf I witnessed at the Yarnover. Never in my knitting career have I ever prayed that blocking made anything puff up and cloud so much as I pray for that now. Even as I take joy in the wonderful pattern and delightful colors, I secretly daydream of putting the finished object in several plastic bags and then driving over it in my car just so that it fluffs up as advertised...

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