Monday, May 08, 2006

Socks and InLaws

Hi Flan,
So Jonathan's dusting with a dirty sock. Don't you just love living w/ boys...

I'm working on the Gem's Pearl socks. Third time's the charm I hope. I've ripped it out twice so far. I found a recent (I don't know if it's the latest) Interweave Knits and read it whilst Grandma Hernani was taking a nap during her 5 hour marathon Conversion-of-Kathleen-to-Catholocism session (Catholic TV was added at hour 1 and ran thru hour 5). Ken was summoned twice to help with the conversion process. There was a nice sock pattern in the magazine that became more inticing as the conversion process went on. So the unfortunate original one got ripped out and a new one got started. On the way to The Grandmother's house yesterday it got ripped out and begun again. Sock number three doesn't look like complete crap, so I'm excited. Tomorrow will be my first foray into Sit'n'Bitch at the C Grade Yarn store.
More later. The boys are regailing stories of "greatness"...

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