Monday, June 12, 2006

Better than Botox

Hi Flan,
While at Knit Night last week one of the ladies mentioned that she had made a number of washcloths out of chenille and used them to remove her make up at the end of the day. She said they were so great for her face it was both like having a facelift and was better than Botox. Better than Botox and a facelift- how intriguing. I decided to jump on the bandwagon (I'm such a follower). I recalled a delightful pattern for a flower shaped dishcloth and found some bright green chenille leftover from The Mommy's crazy shawl. The Hubby loves it! It's intended to be a flower but he feels it is a starfish. He not only noticed it all on his own but commented on how much he liked it and THEN he actually USED it. Crazy. Today I started a bright blue one.
The MIL came to the house for the first time today. We had dinner and everything went pretty well. It was actually kind of nice. There are still many things to get and what not but for a first time things went ok.
My new FAVORITE bath crap product: It not only buffs but it moisturizes. It's really the most delightful thing.
Hope things are going well.

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