Saturday, January 10, 2009

Knitting Goals, 2009 Edition

I got so wrapped up in actually seeing you in December, I actually thought I'd blogged when I hadn't!

I thought I better put my goals up in writing, in an attempt to create pressure on myself.

Goal #1: Knit up some of the stash. I'm not taking a "no new yarn" pledge or anything, but I'd like to use up at least a sweater's worth of my stash (as well as some of the other yarn!). This leads nicely to...

Goal #2: Knit another sweater in committee. I've got yarn in the stash for, and am considering, a bunch of different sweaters...I'll do a little preview in my next post.

Goal #3 Finish up some languishing projects. I've got some stuff that's been on the needles for far too long. To that end, I recently picked up my Rogue again (that's a Ravelry link), and am making good progress. The body is done, one sleeve is done, and I'm working on sleeve #2:
I'd also like to finish up the vest I gave my mom (on the needles!) for Christmas. And then I have a couple of shawls and scarves on the needles I'd like to finish, as well as a couple of pairs of socks. I did have to start a new pair so I'd have some mindless knitting for concerts and movies and other dark places:That's J.Knits sock yarn I bought in Texas this year. But I worked yesterday on my Lighthouse Gansey socks (Rav Link) that have been long stalled, in an attempt to get my patterned socks up to speed!

And then there's some other long-term projects, some of which must remain secret for now.

It was lovely to see you in December, and I can't wait to see you in June in MN!

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