Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Hey Flan,

During my visit you asked about the shawl I'd done for The Gma's Xmas gift and I realized I'd never put it on the blog. Not that this is a surprise to anyone. I seem to have finish-nesia in that whenever I finish something I immediately disavow any and all knowledge of it ever occurring. They might have happened, but no one has proof. There are never any photos and since I usually give away anything and everything I knit, they can't be traced back to me.

While perusing the Ravelry boards I found out this is not the normal way of things. Yet another way in which I am out there in left field whilst everyone else is partying around home plate.

Anyway, I realized I actually took photos of the Shetland Triangle I made out of the beautiful SeaSilk you so generously gifted. The Gma is nearly 92 and totally knit worthy. The last wrap I made for her was out of a light gray/ white and I'm not sure she could see it very well, which makes the bright pink a delightful choice. Isn't she cute?!The Mommy and I went to visit her on Valentine's Day and I found it displayed on her favorite chair. I knew she would rarely wear what I had made, but what I did not expect was that she would turn them in to impromptu furniture cozies.

Lastly, it's finally and officially spring here in the PNW. The daffodils are up and trumpeting its arrival. With the end of the winter snow comes the beginning of flip-flop season in my world, but it also heralds the beginning of hiking season for The Aunties. We convinced The Mommy to go with us and here they all are.I love that this is 30 minutes from the house. I wasn't sure I would be all that in to hiking as it conjured scary images of peeing in the woods, but then I found out they just meant going on a walk up the side of a hill and, well, I can do that.

There are other projects which have been completed, but they are for some of the spring and summer babies and their mommas haven't received them yet. Once I have the green light to send them off to their final destinations there will be photo evidence (maybe).

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