Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey Flan,

Sorry for "going dark" like that with no warning. It's been a busy couple of months adjusting to being back in my beloved Pacific Northwest.

Now, for some truly exciting news- Gracie's having a boy! She has asked me to make the baby blanket and I had 5 options- two for girls and three for boys, more for the boys because that's what I was predicting she'd have. I've sent the choices to her and she'll pick whenever she leaves the doctor's office, runs around and finds all things blue, gets home, has a nap and then finally checks her email.

Here are the three that I had picked:
1. An "Ostrich Plume" from one of the Vogue Knitting to go Baby Blanket books. The yarn would be the sumptuous "Bristol"- a delightful alpaca silk blend.2. I have been dying to make this cabled baby blanket of Debbie Bliss' ever since I first saw the pattern years ago. Inconveniently, everyone's had girls and the Rowan yarn I have that would be perfect is blue. Maybe it'll finally get it's chance!

3. Lastly, the "Heirloom Silk Shawl" from Erika Knight's "Baby Bloom"- though I think it's in "Knitting for Two" as well. There's a truly beautiful Jaeger mercerized cotton in a pewter blue which would be so nice.
So who knows what she'll pick. I'm excited about knitting any of them and am really honored she'd ask me to make her son's baby blanket. I have been trying hard to stave off startitis, having what I feel is far too many WIPs (as always), but knitting for babies doesn't count, so I can cast on just as many things as my little heart and big old stash desires. Happy sigh.

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