Friday, May 01, 2009

Top of the World

Hey Flan,

The trillium are in bloom! There is a mountain across the lake from where The Aunties live and the trail up it has hundreds in bloom right now. Trillium are white flowers, but as they age they turn purple. Last weekend all of them were totally white and this weekend some had started to turn.

Naturally, last weekend I forgot my camera. This time I was prepared. This is the view from about halfway up.
This is looking straight across the lake.While in MN and AL I missed my home state and totally love to go out and revel in it.

Knitting? I suppose there has been some of that. I'm working on the Whisper cardi. The delightful Melissa gifted me with some yarn in a beautiful lavender. It's about 3/4 the way complete.
All my other projects are stalled. I am not liking any of them enough to finish but don't really feel like ripping them out. Sigh.

Happy End Note: I get to come visit in 34 days!

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