Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to Make Your Sister's Heart Stop

Hey Flan,

As I told you via email- I'm going to be an Auntie! Here's how I found out:

I was at work as I usually am on Wednesday nights. When on the way out of work I noticed there were TWO missed calls from The Brother as well as a voicemail that said "call me NOW." I started seriously freaking out. Our parents were visiting him and I couldn't remember if they were flying out that night (hence potential plane crash senarios) or the next day (hence potential car crash senarios).

When he answered his phone I demanded "what is going on?" He countered with "What are your plans for Christmas?"

Thinking one, the other or both of our parents had met with some unspeakably terrible fate and then be asked about our plans for the holidays threw me just a bit. After I ascertained that all parents were fine he said I was going to be an Auntie at Thanksgiving. Whew.

MAN- I tell you I can work up a really good freak out in no time. If anyone out there ever needs emergency preparedness senarios to practice they should just call me up. Also, I'm extremely prepared in case of natural disaster.

Back to the story, the conversation with him mostly consisted of "Ohmygoodness!" followed by "stork! stork! stork!" I then called The Mommy who didn't answer and then The Sister and our entire conversation was the two above sentiments along with "I know!"

The Mommy then called back and I had the "ohmygoodness!" "I know!" conversation all over again. Anyway, we're all very excited about the 15mm peanut and this Christmas might be spent fawning over a month old infant.

I told them not to worry about names yet but that they could name it after me if they wanted to.

What to do when finding out that there's going to be a baby born in WINTER (most favorite knitterly season?) buy some YARN. The WEBS sale is seriously hurting my bank account. I bought some beautiful pewter blue Jaeger cotton and I already have a bunch of bright pink, though I'll probably use the blue regardless of gender.

There has been stunning progress on the CPH and it is almost complete! I am down to the final ribbing. However, I seem to be having more problems then usual with picking up stitches. I picked up every other one and ended up with 94 per side instead of 146. Then I picked up almost every one and have 157. Next time I'm going to carefully measure, put markers in and attempt 73 per quarter. Oh! I am loving how the sleeves turned out. Like I said, I reverse engineered the sleeve caps and then knit them in the round to the wrist. I seamed them in last night and they look pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I was a little worried about whether or not they'd fit. Hope yours is going well.

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