Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Down...

... Only three more days of meetings to go. Today was better than yesterday, which is saying something as yesterday I was driven (by The Best Man) to drink. Sadly, the drink was not as good as what I was hoping, but it was strong enough to be effective. Note for tomorrow: don't wear the girdle! Find bigger pants because 7 hours of constricted sitting is no good, regardless of the fact that my derrier looked pretty good (I hope- writing on the chart w/ your back to a room full of people gives ample opportunity to survey a person's back half).

The throw MIGHT get done tonight! I have high hopes, AND because it's only garter, there is a lower probability that I'm going to screw up in a way noticable enough to require ripping. After surveying the various possibilities of blocking I am thinking string method with spritzing. Do you use cotton thread or thin cotton yarn or something like kitchen twine? No one says.

I would like to say a big ol' DAYUM in regards to all of your spinning! Geez.

Also, you crack me up every year w/ all of your canning. Sometimes we are such 50s housewives. And proud of it!

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