Friday, September 15, 2006

Professional Mission

Hey Flan-
I have a mission for you. You probably aren't interested and it's totally not the focus of your job, but if you could find a candidate that fits all the other criteria you have and wants health care reform I will send them money. Not a lot, because that's the current problem, but at least a little something.
Ok, if you work for a non-profit then you should have a special pass. I realize this is part of the catch-22 of actually working in a non-profit (the whole lack of profit part of things) but the cost of health care is insane. If I just wanted care for me it's not that bad. I will say that. Not really that bad. But the cost for my one dependent is 3 times what it costs for me. I have just the one husband and am not insuring 18 children, just one. That's all, one. I don't understand why one dependent costs so freaking much. "Save money on health care by having more dependents"- good slogan, eh? When we got benefits from The Hubby's benevolent mega-glomerate it cost less than ONE THIRD the amount it does at my non-proft, and he made more, so the impact was not as large.
I am so beaten and frustrated right now. This is wrong. Something needs to be done and I feel utterly ineffectual. I don't know anyone who can change it - and all the people who have connections are the head honchos of the companies that ARE the problem (and I don't think they shop at the discount stores and drive used economy cars). Somehow from all the years of listening to candidates talk about Health Care Reform never sunk it until now. This is wrong and it should change.
So, you're the only one I know. We have a mission. In the mean time, pray for a light cold/ flu season.

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