Thursday, September 14, 2006

Showing the sock a good time

In the grand tradition of Stephanie, I decided to take my knitting along for our stroll at Minnehaha Falls last night.

So here I am knitting in front of the falls. (Yes, my hands are blurry...I am actually knitting.) You can see in the background the very beginnings of fall here, leaves on the ground. We're in the midst of what my grandparents would call Indian Summer. It's very cool at night, but warm during the day, and evenings are lovely and crisp. We went to Minnehaha right at dusk (I had to lighten the picture because it was a bit dark), and walked around, finding a whole area I didn't know existed down by the creek. On our way back to the car we stopped and bought ice cream at Sea Salt, which is currently my favorite Twin Cities restaurant, and ate ice cream by the falls. All along, I was knitting (and drawing weird looks from everyone, including the park policeman!)

Ah, short row heels. I do love them. The current socks I'm doing with heel flap heels, but I'm going back to short rows for my next pair. I realized recently that like so many of the bloggers we read, I have a constant sock in progress. I can knit it while sitting at a traffic light, while out with friends, or apparently at the park. Then I have my bigger projects to knit on at home.

As to dyeing the yarn, I did quite a bit when I took that weaving class senior year. We'd need to test it out to see if the color would come out as expected, but my experience was that dyeing over an existing color only made the new color richer and more interesting. A project for when I visit for sure!

I'm on pins and needles, as the spinning wheel arrives tomorrow! Tomorrow night is all about assembling it, in the hopes that I can spin by the weekend. The weekend after this I'll be alone all weekend, as Mike is going to Kansas to visit high school friends, so I'm planning a spinning extravaganza!

I put a link to Gracie over in the sidebar, by the way. I’m thinking of changing the template again once we hit fall….a seasonal change seems appropriate. What do you think?


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