Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yarn and Torches

Hi Flan,
So when I talked to the car guy yesterday he gave me the score of My Car= 17, Their Techs=4. I always knew my little Jetta was an overachiever, but in this case I really wish that it would just give up the fight and let them do what they need to without having to resort to THE TORCHES. They are seriously contemplating TORCHING my car. I think it's because they have torches, don't get to use them much & don't want to risk it on a nice Audi or Porsche. The mere thought makes me nervous.
On a happier note, the yarn for The Wedding Throw came in! I rushed down to The LYS and brought it home. Same dye lot and everything. I estimate there's somewhere between 1/3 & 1/4 left to knit before The Blocking (which I'm getting nervous about). Thankfully, we have to drive to Pensacola this weekend (some random long lost cousin is visiting The Grandmother who is not doing so well. At least she didn't sound great on the phone and even if she's faking it's ok because she's 84. Also, it was The FIL's birthday yesterday and it was making her sad) but at least the drive will mean knitting time.
I have a crazy headache today. One of those sucky ones that I've had since I got up. Thankfully the phone hasn't rung yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way all day.

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