Wednesday, September 27, 2006

done done done done DONE!

The throw is DONE! What is it? Done you say? Why yes, it is done, thank you for asking. After a crushing discovery at knit night that I had neglected to bring an extra ball of yarn & ran out w/ two rows & the cast off to go, I went home and remidied the situation. (I've been listening to Miss Marple mysteries on tape and I think all the British is rubbing off) I spread it out and it looks pretty damn good. I am going to re-do half the bind off that looks like crap, but everything else looks pretty good. The sheer size of it is sort of astonishing and I hope I never again feel the need to knit anything so big.

Second thing: if you felt in any way unattractive in the dress I had you wear in my wedding I am so sorry. I got the regulation dress back for the wedding. Firstly, it is not the alteration lady's fault. There was nothing that could save this dress. I should wear structured garments. I like them and I think I look ok in them. The garments I should not wear: unstructured and/or filmy. This dress has both. I look like I'm wearing a circus tent from the morgue. It's black and big. I look like my hips could comfortably carry quintuplets to full term with no problem. I really hope that the other girls look good- I will take this one for the team. I know The Sister didn't like the dress I made y'all wear at my wedding, but I still thought she looked nice in it. We're hoping that they just hide me amongst the groomsmen and take no photos straight on.

We're getting a camera Friday and I will send you photos of both of the above. I think they're both "impressive" but in totally different ways.

I met a spinner yesterday. Not having seen any of her stuff I'm convinced yours is better. Have a good Wednesday.

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