Thursday, September 14, 2006

We have a Convert

Hi Flan,
IT happened yesterday. After hearing of the elusive "short row heel" for months and months I decided to attempt one myself. I will admit that the description in the Sockbible (Sensational knitted socks) brought me to my knees. I was flummoxed and bewildered, then I remembered that The Best Man has internet and is oddly close to The MIL's (who has the washing machine). Two huge loads of laundry, a couple of hours on the internet (there are tons of really crappy descriptions out there and, naturally, I have no idea whose it was that didn't completely suck), and a new Project Runway later we have VICTORY!
The appeal of socks actually clicked! It happened! Finally. I thought I was some sort of extra special knitting anomaly. But the truth is that I just didn't understand. All the stupid top down heel flapping dpn/ 2 circular sirens distracted me from the true and essential beauty and simplicity of the toe up (magic method) short row heel, one long circular wonderfulness. Now that I've discovered it I am happy and might actually knit the sock yarn that I have been squirreling away.
Dyeing the alpaca... Interesting... I'll do it if you come down and show me how. There was a thing in knitty spin about dyeing but they started with cream colored and I'd be starting with sand colored. Will that make a difference? With dark hair you have to bleach it first and then dye from there but bleach will make alpaca disintegrate (and the thought terrifies me). Could we safely go from sand to dark purple?

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