Thursday, September 14, 2006

Change is Good

Hey Flan-
Look at us w/ the multiple postings. I'm impressed. Nice photo of the falls. How is it that I lived in MN for 6 years and have never been there?
Change is good. I've been reading about dyeing and am thinking about getting up my courage. I do think I might try a test run w/ some similar colored yarn and see how it goes before I sacrifice the alpaca to a steaming vat.
Changing the template works for me. I'll just trust you on the whole "it's fall" thing. I guess we have had a degree of change as far as the humidity goes. It's nice and not too muggy, although the person on the radio sounded sad that it was going to be "only" 86* today. Can we have an "on the needles" part? That sounds like fun...
We might be getting a camera this weekend! (Can you tell it's payday?) Or we might decide that it would be better to get a couch this weekend and a camera in two weeks. I kind of want the camera more, and we don't have cable, so having a couch to sit on to watch tv is kind of pointless if the tv doesn't do anything.
Ok, now I'm really going to get some work done. I have a new office chair and it goes up and everything. It's about as exciting as it sounds, but my world is sometimes very small.

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