Friday, September 29, 2006

Have you been pinned?

Hey Flan,
I finally talked to The Sister. I was talking to her about my dress and she said something very diplomatic like, "well, you have to be a bridesmaid too ya know." Sort of the reassuring "put up and shut up- it's not supposed to be good".
Yes, Borealis is great. And they have the special coffee arch. Got to love the proximity, especially in inclement weather.
We got paid today! That means camera! Photos of the throw (which has been pinned & spritzed- by the end I threw out the ruler & just had to stop caring) will be available tomorrow! It looks particularly good on our brown rug, so if it only stays on the rug forever everything will be great...
YOU CAN DO PATTERN DESIGN! If I can do it you can. You've been knitting for far longer than I. I believe in you (sniff). Take the artyarn by the needles- or some other reasonable facsimile of "life by the horns".

I want a secret project. Geez. I am just going to have to designate one of them secret. Of course, most of the stash hasn't revealed to me what it wants to be, so right now it's a secret to everyone, including the knitter.

The biggest breakthrough that has come as a result of finishing The Throw: I want to finish other stuff. This is probably also related to valiant attempts at trying to get my caseload caught up. I want to finish up loose ends (and weave them in) and move on. Deep breaths and lots of DVDs for the weekend. I think there will be ripping involved.

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