Monday, October 02, 2006

The Miss Marples do it this way...

Hey Flan,
My obsession with Miss Marple continues. We got this great movie of a black and white Miss Marple from the library (something appropriate for The MIL). At one point while she keeps watch Miss Marple takes out her knitting. It's a sock, but the important part is that she's knitting non-continental! And it's not just that Miss Marple, the most recent Miss Marple knits that way too! A big endorsement from all the "throwers" in defiance of all the "pickers". Ha ha- the lovely little British detective does it our way! And solves murders while she's at it.

I've fallen in love. Not just any love, it's yarn love. Plymouth makes Royal Bamboo. Sigh. It's the best suited for the southern climate I have evah found. It's smooth and silky and in truly vibrant colors. I'm making a ruffle scarf from "Scarf Style". There is, however, one design flaw. (Btw: there are now photos! We bought an adorable little camera and it works. How to get the photos from the camera into the computer has not yet been achieved, so be patient) Imagine the scarf like a spiral staircase, but the outer edge of the stairs hangs toward the floor. It's totally cool. Plus, instead of a single spiral staircase, there are actually two spiral staircases wound around each other. When the scarf hangs as it does when it is knitted it looks great. BUT- scarves loop around the neck, and thus half of it will hang upside down. Upside down staircasey things look weird, especially when compared to the pretty hanging of the first side. So, I've decided to knit two halves of the scarf and then graft them together in the middle. This should result in two halves each hanging in the correct direction. Yes, it's easier to see w/ the photos, but use your imagination.

Off to conquer Monday.

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