Monday, October 23, 2006


Hey Flan,
Major points on all the weekend knitting! Your photos are like a trip down memory lane. I remember when you started the mittens with flaps. I was in total astonishment of your knitting prowess. About that time I think I might have possibly been learning to purl.

It's now officially "cold". The temperature was a chilly 45 this morning. Of course last night the other person that lives in my house turned on the air conditioning AND took the warm blankets off the bed. Was he the one that woke up cold? Boys.

This weekend we trotted across the state line to visit relations and so The Hubby could go fishing. I went to my first karate competition this weekend. Thankfully, I was not competing. Thank goodness there are very few sports that involve dirty sweaty feet- not good for the spectators. I did, however, make progress on the miles and miles and miles and miles of ribbing on the (@*&#$(*$ scarf. I have informed The Hubby that he can request as many knitted items as he wants, but there will be NO more excessive ribbing. It turns out the matching hat would be ready for decreases- if I were it's intended recipient. Unfortunately, for The Hubby, it needs inches more to go.

The Aunty's socks were started. I got through the toe increases and was happily knitting along until I looked at them and realized how very large they look. I am now ripping back so that there is a total of 56, not 64, stitches. Arg.

BIG question: I need help on color. I'm thinking about making this for my first ever EZ project. I'm thinking about using this yarn and need color advise. It's for The Hubby. Any suggestions?

P.S. Just for fun I am throwing in prizes for the Naked Needles competition. They're undetermined but will probably wonderful drill bits or something similar.

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