Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fiber Progress Good. Cleaning Progress Bad

The title pretty much sums up my evening last night. I started to clean in a whirlwind... and then needed to eat dinner. After dinner I ended up on the phone for 90 minutes, and couldn't clean at the same time. Not one to waste time (or sit still), I ripped another project for the finishing marathon.

That's how much yarn was in the cover camisole from the Vintage Knits book. I made this before I truly understood guage, and the guage was way too firm. On top of that, I ran out of yarn with about 1 inch to go, and the yarn has since been discontinued. It's been ripped and washed, and as a lovely cotton/silk blend, I'm sure I'll find another use. (Color is inaccurate in this picture, it is more of a muted blue than a grey.)

While on the phone I also managed to take pictures of the hat of which I am so proud.

This first picture is accurate for color.

And a closeup of the adapted top shaping from shedir. I love how cleverly it comes together. This is actually made from the same cotton/silk blend as the tank was, and I find it to be lovely and warm due to the silk. Since I have so much trouble wearing wool on my head, this fits the bill perfectly except when it's really cold and I go back to wearing fleece!

So the cleaning still needs work. My one big accomplishment last night was lots of laundry, so one chore is out of the way. My mother is visiting for Thanksgiving, so a top to bottom cleaning is in order! I haven't finished my Thanksgiving menu, I should get on that!

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