Thursday, October 19, 2006

Naked Needles? Maybe

That's quite a commitment! When I go home tonight I'll be digging out my many works in progress to see if I can manage a similar feat!

The show last night was great, and it was lovely to see the new Guthrie full of people. We had a tour before it was officially open, so it was mostly empty then, and it's always fun to see people experiencing a new building! We saw Lost in Yonkers, with an amazing cast and a really cool set. As we took our seats, out came my sock in progress, and the woman next to me said "Knitting, that's brilliant!" I happily knitted away through the show, and have completed the heel flap on the sock.

I think tonight will be a spinning night once I've finished sorting my WIPs (after all, Grey's Anatomy is on). I'm in the midst of plying very fine dusky purple yarn, and once I'm done plying and washing to set twist, my wheel will be free for me to try something new.

I'm happy to report that my sockapaloooza socks held up beautifully, and my feet were happy throughout what turned out to be a long day.

Off to hope that the sun will come out today. We've officially entered that unfortunate period of Minnesota weather where grey skies reign for days and days at a time.

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