Monday, October 30, 2006

On TimeOut

Hi Flan,
I hope you had a nice weekend. The Roman Shades and I are on Time Out from each other. We tried and tried to get along, but anything that keeps me up to 1:45am with no discernible progress needs some time to reconsider their actions. Also, Martha's magazine and I should only be able to spend time together when I am on an airplane and thus thousands of miles away from any crafting opportunities. She makes it seem like her level of household nirvana is obtainable for those of us who lack our own personal craft/ home improvement store. This is just wrong. Also, it is very inconsiderate of our (storebought) pocketbooks. If I had spent the amount of money I poured into making these stupid things on anything else in the whole world I would have been shocked and horrified. However, it was a sewing project, so spend I did. For example, 6 dowels are needed for each shade, 6 total shades, 36 dowels, $.48 a piece= are you freaking kidding me?? After not sleeping and not eating I quietly folded the shades and put them into the closet, picked up my knitting, and immediately started feeling more relaxed and like there was some hope left in the world.
Two delightfully short hours later, I have a purse. It's beautiful and I love it. I did line it with teal polka dotted fabric which I love as well (even though there was sewing involved) I'm going to take lots of pictures. It's lovely.
Nose returning to the grindstone to try and finish the socks by the end of the week. They need to be mailed of in time for the birthday next week. Thankfully, it's almost time for some short rows on the heel.
Happy Monday.

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