Monday, October 30, 2006


I think a continuing break from the sewing project (and Martha's magazine) is in order! I also must stay away from the magazine most of the time, which is ok with me.

I had a hectic weekend with lots of errands and cleaning and such, but I did find the time for some spinning, though precious little knitting. I tore out 6 rows on my mother's shawl (the lace goddess biting me for not using lifelines), and haven't been able to face reknitting the section yet. That was the point where I decided to spin, and spin I did.

I took the smallest ball of roving from the swap (Babydoll Wool), and spun it all this weekend. It became an incredibly bouncy cushy yarn. This is the first yarn I've spun that literally has a bounce to it, almost like it has elastic. It has about the same amount of stretch and spring as Calmer does, although it's nothing like Calmer in feel.

This is what it looked like on the bobbins.

Then I Navajo plied it into three ply to keep the color runs long, and I got this:

(Ignore the orange bits, those are the ties keeping the skein in order)

I think the next batch of this fiber I do will be the shetland, and I'll do a traditional three ply so it will barber pole, and I can compare the way the colors look.

Remember how when I ordered my wheel, I originally got the wrong one? Due to my crazy schedule, it stayed in its box in my closet until this weekend, when I met Detta on her way to a meeting and gave it back to her so that she can sell it. As a completely unexpected thank you present for getting the wheel to her, she gave me a big bag of superwash wool, which I naturally forgot to take a picture of! Given the time change, I now really need to do my picture taking in the morning when I can get natural light, and sometimes I'm not all the way awake to remember what I need to take pictures of.

I spun a bobbin of this yesterday afternoon, it's a beautiful cream color with a strip of brown running through the roving, so sections of the singles are pure cream, sections are light brown, some are a barber pole of brown and cream, and some are solid dark brown. I think it's going to make beautiful finished yarn.

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