Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tackling Tuesday

Hi Flan,
So far I think the Naked Needles Challenge just includes us. Mainly because I don't know anyone (and because I haven't told the ladies at Knit Night- the owner might not be thrilled with anything that might slow the buying). I thought it might be fun to have prizes and have been dreaming up possibilities. If you know people who would like to join in the mania that'd be fun too. The more the merrier & prizes for everyone!

Today the "real life" Las Vegas CSI is speaking at The University. I think I will have 30 minutes at Knit Night before I have to go. Hopefully, it will be long enough to discover where to buy fabric for curtains. (Some of the KN ladies sew as well) Curtains = sewing. I know, but buying curtains costs a crazy crazy amount. I was perusing Martha Stewart (always dangerous) and she had some nice curtain- "Shade"- ideas; and our living room is currently so pitiful that I have to do something.

I am conveniently ignoring the miles and miles of ribbing left to go in favor of working on The Aunty's socks. Yesterday I ripped back and started from the proper number. I think it looks much better. Originally, I started with half of the total number (32), increasing every other row until the total (64). It turns out the damnable gauge is really 7 sts to the inch, not 8. I ripped back to 56 sts- looks good, but also means that the toe started slightly larger than it would have. I love it.

As for the rest of my finishing... I'm taking the backwards approach of finishing all the small projects first. Probably not good in the long run. I mostly don't want to face the sleeves on the sweater I started so very long ago (Yarnery Spring Sale, '03). I'm going to have to finish the ribbed hat first because it has the needles I need. Hate sleeves, but the hubby doesn't want a vest. The amount of knitting I might have to take on the plane at Christmas might end up equalling the amount of clothes I have to take. Oh well.

I can't wait to see Eris once it's done. I kind of want one...

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