Monday, October 16, 2006

Project ADD.

Still swamped, still mildly crazy. Knitting and life ADD continues. I finished a pair of socks this weekend, and promptly cast on for another pair in the exact same pattern. Gotta have some on the go knitting.

Oh! The pal that I was sending to in the Spinning Roving Swap received her package last week! Here is her initial post from when she received it, and a post about the fish she made from the pattern I sent! I'm so excited she liked it. I haven't yet received my package, but there's still almost two weeks left in the swap, so no worries!

Speaking of spinning, I've gotten virtually none done recently. Too stressed and crazy, and spinning tends to require a bit more of a time commitment for me than the knitting does. I'm still working on the very very fine purple wool, hoping to get another bobbin spun up so that I can ply it and see how it turns out.

We recently signed up for Netflix, deciding it was better than cable. Yesterday I put in Bride and Prejudice while I was cleaning my living room, which I really enjoyed. An amazing Indian version of Pride and Prejudice, complete with huge dance numbers! Last night we watched March of the Penguins, which I'm very sad I missed on the big screen, it was amazing. I got a bit of knitting done on my mom's shawl during March of the Penguins, but I think I made a mistake, so I need to look at it again in the light of day.

That's how my knitting has been recently. A row here, a row there, pick up a different project, and repeat. I started the vest, but have a total of 5 rows done, though I have done the basic math, so at least I know how to proceed now. I have lots left on the shawl, still at the same stalled place on my sweater, etc. The only thing getting significant progress is my sock in progress, since it goes everywhere with me, and therefore gets knitted on in those little scraps of time.

Tonight is our weekly dinner and Studio 60 (the new Aaron Sorkin show) date, so hopefully I'll get something done! If the weather would stop drizzling, I'd think about taking my spinning wheel over to Mike's to spin, but as is I think I'll probably just knit.

I suppose I should be thankful that its not snowing so far this week.

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