Thursday, October 19, 2006

Naked Needles by 07

Hi Flan,
I hope the Guthrie was fun. Itzahk Perlman is coming to our little town for one night only. Sadly, tickets to go see him are three times regular price. I was lucky enough to see him in the Cities. The Hubby and I decided to spend a fraction of the ticket price on a lovely dinner and listen to a recording instead. One thing about this part of the South- the theatre and orchestra performances are not quite the same as the Cities.
Yesterday I was reading a blog and clicked on one of the links to another blog. That person (who I can't remember) mentioned that their New Year's resolution for 06 had been to finish all the projects. I started thinking that this might be a really great idea. As of today there are 73 days left before the new year. I went home and made four piles (photos to follow): the bags w/ the dregs of former projects and old ball bands, the projects fated to be ripped, the projects with potential and need finishing, and the happy piles of yarn full of potential.
The ripping was quick and relatively painless. Everything in that pile is now ready to be soaked, dried, and wound at which point it will go to the "potential" pile. The finishing is the harder pile. I think I counted 8 projects that need to be completed. They have enough potential that I can't just rip, but getting re-excited about projects is hard. According to my own rules, I can start as many projects as I want, they just have to be done by the end of the year. So far I'm excited and if I get them done before Christmas then I won't have to buy any gifties.

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