Monday, October 23, 2006

No Progress

So is someone hosting this Naked Needles along? Are there other crazy knitters besides us trying to dispense with current projects? I googled a tiny bit, and found one for last year, but nothing for this year, but I didn’t delve too deeply. After my finishing party on Saturday, I barely knit a stitch yesterday. I did spin for a little bit, but didn’t have any real measurable progress on that either.

I’m trying to decide what my next top priority is for the Naked Needles. My current thought is that for my at home project that I’ll next tackle Eris. I only need to finish the second sleeve, re-knit the first cuff, and sew in a ton of ends before it’s done. OK, so I’m neglecting to mention to zipper that needs to be installed as well. Baby steps, I tell you.

I did hand wash my sockapaloooza socks, the wrist-warmers, and my Olympic knitting project, as well as the reskeined yarn from the First Year Shawl yesterday, so my apartment currently smells of wet wool and there are woolen items hanging from the drying rack in my living room. Right after I moved back to Minnesota I bought a higher quality drying rack than I’d had before for drying the many clothes of mine that don’t go in the dryer. It came with removable mesh shelves, which are fabulous for drying sweaters, or in this case, my hand knits!

That’s all the excitement here. Tonight is the weekly Studio 60 extravaganza, so perhaps I’ll make actual progress on Eris, and be on my way to another completed knit.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am considering, (but have not decided to), casting on one more project..I need knitting that won't be impacted be tension and late night knitting for knitting on election night....

I love that sweater you're considering, and I've considered making it. I would go with the second or third from the top option in terms of color, and enjoy the sensation of buying yarn in pounds (I now buy fiber for spinning in pounds, it kind of freaks me out....)

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