Thursday, October 12, 2006

One step forward...

... Two steps backward.

Isn't it sad when you think you've discovered something only to realize that you were the dingbat in the first place? I was happily knitting along on the second half of the spiral scarf. It was the second beginning. I had originally started it on the plane to PA. For some reason one of the balls was extremely tightly wound. I had to rewind it, untwisting the whole time. So, Project Runway was going along, my knitting was going along, until I realized that it was trying to spiral upwards instead of downwards. So I merrily spun it the other way, making it spin downwards... And then it hit me- I just had to spin in the other way to reverse directions. I did not, in fact, have to knit two halves and graft them together! I just had to spin the knitting in the opposite direction. That's all. Now I feel like a complete and utter dingbat. Thankfully I'm used to feeling this way and know that with enough chocolate and time it will pass (until, of course, the next time). This also means have the delightful possibility of ripping out, yet again, and just continuing on with what I have.

Also, project ADD has hit. I stared at the Fixation socks for The Mommy. Listless sigh. I stared at the almost completed sock for the hubby. Another listless sigh. I looked at the beautiful yarn destined for socks for one of the Aunties and just couldn't get excited about socks. More sighing. THEN, some Calmer caught my eye. It's a ball that got tossed into the box that used to be stored way up at the top of the closet. Calmer's fun to knit with... Hats are fun to knit... I have enough Calmer for a hat.... Also, I found a pretty pattern for a mohair shawl and found some affordable yarn in a pretty pink. This is a weird urge. I don't really like mohair, I don't really like triangle shawls, and I don't own anything in pastel pink. This project may be destined for someone else... So hard to stay focused.

Funny bit of election news: One of the former contestants from The Apprentice (Raj- in case you were watching that season) is a Republican running for office. Sadly, I can't remember what he's running for or in which state. I do remember there was something about an elephant and being in favor of building the mega fence along the border w/ Mexico.

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