Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Petit Four Junction

Hi Flan,
Making Petit Fours is now added to the list of things I'm on probation from. The Hubby's Geology department is having a bake sale. I was going to make the cupcakes I usually do, tried and true and very yummy. Unfortunately, I then decided it would be super fun to try something new. Apparently, I thought my resume included "professional cake decorator". It does not.

My entire kitchen was covered in orange icing. I made two cakes. The first one was made Sunday and overbaked, even though I set the timer for 10 minutes less than recommended. It was dry, so I made another (far better results). I iced the first set- total ugly. A smaller cutter was used on the second set- much better. I iced the second set and had 30 small orange cylinders. Everything was going ok- until I tried to put the pumpkins' stems on with the same icing I had used for the orange- very very runny. Not good at all. Naturally, it took me doing 6 or so to decide that it was a total failure. So, I took sprinkles and put sprinkles on them, making them look like sea anemones. Not good. So, it being 10:30 and I like to go to bed around 9:30 the situation was getting worse by the minute. The solution? Turn them over. The former bottom side became the top side, unblemished by the sprinkles. I made some buttercream frosting, dyed the appropriate green, and piped those suckers some stems. Finally. Granted, now they look like orange candles with green flames, not like pumpkins. The conclusion? If you ever get the completely looney idea to make petit fours for a halloween bake sale- make ghosts, NOT pumpkins.

As for the knitting; I am going to try and finally do some heels today, though it might just keep me company while I have a little meltdown.

Happy Halloween.

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