Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On the subject of Pumpkins

I think I have a solution to any future compulsions to make pumpkin baked goods: Knit them instead!

That's what I did...the aforementioned secret project is Pumpkins from Knitty.

I completed the felting this weekend, and stuffed them and sewed the tops on last night. Due to an inability to get to Michaels to buy fiberfill, I ended up stuffing with shredded newspaper, which I think actually worked pretty well, though I will go back with fiberfill after Halloween.

I'm also thinking I'll use these as part of a centerpiece for Thanksgiving. The greed yarn you can see coming out the tops is tied to my doorknob so that they stay put. Not much of a security measure, but what I could do.

Looking at the pictures, I'm actually considering one more run through the washing machine for additional felting before Thanksgiving. The pattern was easy and fun, and the Cascade 220 was lovely to knit with!

This is the first bobbin of the thank you superwash I mentioned in yesterday's entry. I know it's a bit blurry, but with artificial light it is awfully hard to get a clear shot of the singles. The darker color is shades of natural brown mixing with the cream.

My plans tonight do not involve trick or treaters, so I think I'll do a bit of cleaning and spin another bobbin of this stuff!

Sorry I missed your call last night. We were on a truly long and complicated mission to rescue the package containing Mike's new laptop from a Fedex facility, and it was not a good moment to talk. We were finally successful, and he's very happy with the new computer.

Happy Halloween!

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