Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hi Flan,
I really enjoy your pumpkin theft deterrents, but guess I was wrong with my elephant trunk cozy guess.

When I opened my email this morning there was a lovely invite to register for the Blue Moon Sock Club featuring their divine Socks That Rock yarn. Intrigued, I clicked on all the little links. There are 6 sock kits and patterns and oodles of goodies that come to your house 6 times per year. I would enjoy sock potential being delivered to my house and their yarn is incredibly beautiful. I saw some in person when I visited The Sister in April and was planning a trip to that yarn store next June when we go to the graduation. The problem? It costs $210. Granted, that's $35 for each sock kit, not counting the oodles of goodies and you pay in January (stratigically placed after Christmas). Their stuff is beautiful, but oy.

Now, the question: I love the potential and the Naked Needles will be over by then, leaving me free to load up on sock yarn (they come in light and midweight, my faves and socks are something you can do in the South) BUT, what to knit at Knit Night? It's best to knit yarn from LYS when there at S&B, but the price of STR would eat up most of my yarn budget for the year. I was planning on doing the knitting masters next year, so I would be buying yarn for my swatches, which I guess I could knit on Tuesdays. Any thoughts?

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