Sunday, November 12, 2006

Catching my Breath

It's Sunday, 5 days after the election, and I'm just feeling like my feet are back under me!

The Good
First, election night pictures:

Me with Lori Swanson, Attorney-General-Elect (the first woman AG in MN History). Note my "I voted" sticker.

Me with Rebbecca Otto, State Auditor-elect.

In answer to the comment question, I didn't run for office, but my profession is politics (I work for a PAC), so I was pretty focused on the elections. It was a great year for our candidates, and for MN and the nation as a whole I think.

Not only did Democrats win the US House and Senate, but DFLers won back the MN House, increased their margin in the Senate, and Amy Kloubuchar becomes the first woman elected to the US Senate from MN! A solid round of accomplishments!

The Bad
So Friday afternoon I'm sitting at work writing the newsletter, and my cell rings, and it's Mike. "We have a problem. The dog had an accident, bit me, and escaped!" To backtrack. we were dogsitting for a friend this weekend. This is a small cute rat terrier, who apparently doesn't know Mike very well.

Mike had the day off, and was supposed to let the dog out. She made a break for the door, he grabbed her, she bit him and had an accident (the dog), and ran. This is a VERY fast little dog. The bite was pretty small, though annoyingly on Mike's knuckle, so bled quite a bit.

So I come racing towards home, calling Mike every 5 minutes. The dog continues to run from him. About 6 blocks from the dog's home, I see her, standing bewildered in the middle of the street. I park, jump out, call her, and she comes straight to me. I truly don't understand dogs.

So I took her back home, looked at Mike's thumb (minor), we called the vet, the rabies shot is up to date (thank goodness), and washed out his wound and bandaged. Then I washed out the dogs paws, which she absolutely blistered in her brief run for freedom. And then I went back to work.

Then yesterday I took her to the vet to get bandaged up, so she now has a bright red bandage twice the size of her foot. And antibiotics. All in all, way too exciting.

The Knitting
Not really much progress here, though three pictures from Eris. I did rip out cuff #1, knitted cuff #2 with smaller needles, and am much happier with the result. I realized that sleeve #1 needed to be a tad longer before the cuff, so now I'm working on that. Finishing is so close I can taste it!

A blurry mirror shot to show the shape of the sweater.

Front cabling.

Back cabling. (Yes, those are double pointed knitting needles holding up my hair).

Recent spinning. Soft, lovely, Mike keeps saying he likes how it looks. Very warm, I'm contemplating a bulky hat for when it's really cold here.

P.S. Baby pictures are so adorable!

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The sweater is gorgeous, what pattern did you use?