Monday, November 27, 2006

Very Thankful (but not for Scarves)

Hi Flan,
The Eris looks fabulous! Such a great color and it looks so nice. Makes me even more chagrined to admit I've never really completed an adult sweater, much less one that fits and you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear outside.

Thanksgiving (all 9 parties) were very fun. It turns out that if you start drinking at one of the inlaw's houses it makes all the inlaws at that house more fun to deal with. Our Thanksgiving, on Friday, went well even though I kind of burned the veggies and the stuffing. The premise was good, the execution a bit lacking. The gingerbread with pumpkin ice cream was fun and the company lovely.

The scarves won't end. There is literally no end in sight. I rounded them all up and it almost brought me to my knees:
1. Endless ribbing for The Hubby. I'm loudly commenting on how horrible it is so he won't think it will be done for his bday in two weeks. This ribbing might actually kill me. Fortunately, the hat of endless ribbing is ready for decreases. I'm so happy I could cry. Granted, the decreases include ribbing.
2. The Alpaca Octopus for the SIL. When I compare the lengths of the tubes I should be almost done. However, after knitting for what seems like hours there is no discernible progress. In the meantime the tubes not being knit have reached out and latched on to tables, dirt on the floor, lamps, and are a general aggravation. What's more is that I'm not sure that this project is headed down the right track. Am trying to have faith and am taking deep breaths. Knitting chunky yarn on 10 1/2s should not be this stressful.
3. Bamboo Doom. The twirly scarf for The Sister. I am good with the pattern. It's very fun to knit. There are only 11 sts per side, do a couple short rows and then switch colors. The damn yarn is possessed. There are too many twists. It keeps turning itself into mini tornadoes. I have each color in a ziploc. When the excessive twists get to be too much I close the bag, then hold the yarn so bag unwinds and eliminates the twists above the closure. Repeat with other color. 10 seconds later do it again. Curse loudly at the fact that I have a whole other scarf worth of this yarn that I have broken the ball bands on so is not returnable.

The kicker is that every single one of these is (theoretically) almost done. I can almost see the light but it's just far enough away as to taunt mercilessly. Heavy sigh.

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