Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sunshine and a Deep Breath

Hi Flan,
I hope all your G&Ts were as happy last night as I was this morning when the DEMS TOOK BACK THE HOUSE and possibly the Senate. I'm happy to report that at least The Hubby got off his cute backside and voted. I don't know yet about The Best Man. I brought out my worn line about, "Don't Vote = Can't Complain". They like to complain.

The Aunty's socks are done! I took a deep breath, re-cast off, blocked and now they're drying. There is one odd thing. I tried them on me and I think my foot is oddly shaped (I'm too freaked out by previous events to suggest that the sock is the one with the problem). My foot made the sock stretch funny in the arch area. If I ever knit for myself I'm going to have to read the bit about high arches. Other than my freaky feet the socks looked pretty good. One more Finished Object!

Gracie emerged from her crazy new mom haze long enough to send me a photo. I am having problems with the formatting, but there she is! I might get to visit this weekend.

Congrats on the wins.

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Spinning Dervish said...

Ok, now I have to ask, Flan, what were you running for? I was afraid to ask on the off chance that you were a rabid Republican, but I think Kathleen's comments about the Dem's takes care of that fear! Btw, how did your wheel turn out?