Monday, November 20, 2006

Credit Card Slippage

I managed to visit Borealis and ONLY buy the new Interweave Knits. Not so bad. And I filled up my punch card, so the next time I purchase something, I can get $20 off! Mom got to buy lots of yarn though, so she made up for it!

I went all around the store fondling yarn trying to find a substitute for the recommended yarn for A Cardigan for Arwen. I settled on one, and had decided to go back after Thanksgiving to buy it. Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL, a nice soft alpaca wool blend in the perfect weight and a beautiful color (#12). I also considered color #4, but decided to go with 12.

Then I was browsing Webs this morning, looking for a yarn to sub for Rogue (I've decided to use the Silky Tweed I already bought for some yet to be determined project), and discovered that Webs has Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL on closeout for about 2/3 the normal price. Even with my discount card, this was a significantly better deal.

I kept browsing, then found Classic Elite Skye Tweed at Webs for the same price in the color Grampian Purple...and in a shocking gesture, I bought them both! I'm hoping one works for Arwen and one for Rogue (a girl can never have too many cabled sweaters, right?). If I decide either of them won't work for one, I'm making a pledge to send one back(I also might send one back for a different that I look!

But along with that pledge, I'm committing that my next sweater or big project worth of yarn (I'm considering an afghan or the nightgown from Mason-Dixon Knitting) will come from Borealis... cause they're a great store, and I want to support them!

I've also been spinning, but no pictures yet. I finished the oh so soft silk/merino blend from my pal, and it's currently drying. I think it is destined to become Branching Out from Knitty.

Mom is here all week, and tonight we're having dinner with Mike's folks, and tomorrow going to the Guthrie, so that should be fun! Tomorrow she's also doing the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, so I'm formulating my list...

PS: I got your lovely and timely package on Saturday. I love the stitch markers, and the pictures are AMAZING..... I'll drop that envelope back to you in tomorrow's mail!

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Kathleen said...

1. I am so jealous!
2. By the way, if you ever need someone to buy the Gramparian Purple off your hands...
3. I think I might do the Classic Elite Tweed in Spruce for the EZ seemless hybrid for The Hubby. It's so beautiful.
4. Major points for finding gorgeous discounted yarn.