Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Apple Intelligence?

Hi Flan,
It's only Wednesday (I think) and already a laundress, personal assistant, personal trainer and chef are needed at my house. The Hubby and I purchased some end tables for the living room and that's one happy thing. The other happy things are that he does not have lyme disease (the tick bite looked worse and I called in the medical professionals) and I did not fracture my toes by dropping a large pair of pinking shears on them. What a relief.

On the knitting front, there was ripping. I had started The SIL's scarf, then thought it was going to turn out too short and stubby (as opposed to the first version which was too long and skinny- and involved ribbing). I weighed the beginning then weighed the remaining and, sure 'nuff it was doomed. I took a deep breath and started pulling. So far the third start looks like it will be the charm.

As for the title... The Hubby and I were lucky enough to have lunch together yesterday. We were leaving and I over heard this lady talking to her friends. She said, "You know, he's not the smartest apple on the tree..."

I had no idea we were administering intelligence quotients to apples now. I wonder if Galas are smarter than Goldens who are smarter than Honeycrisps. Are apples smarter than other fruits? We are definitely going to have produce hierarchy going on. (Then again, I might not be the brightest crayon in the box, nor the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least I knew those were distinctions that could be made. Maybe I'm really a Honeycrisp)

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