Friday, November 17, 2006


I think I need to defend the Honeycrisp apple (it is, after all, the Minnesota state fruit!). Apparently my earlier catching of the breath was overambitious. You see, I forgot that I had a board retreat this week, and that would swallow my time. (That was actually where I was when you called Friday)

Combine that with the imminent arrival of my mother for a week long visit, and instead of knitting time, I had extra work and lots of cleaning! Mom arrives late tonight, so there's still a whirlwind of cleaning at my place.

On the subject of housekeeping: I was asked on my last post by Spinning Dervish

The sweater is gorgeous, what pattern did you use?

The answer is Eris, from the incomparable Jenna from Girl from Auntie. I also own the pattern for Rogue, which is on my to do list. Her patterns are amazingly detailed and clear, and I've enjoyed the knitting a great deal. My current plan for modifications to Eris involved replacing the zipper with several pewter clasps. I'm not set on the idea, and won't decide till I finish the sweater (hopefully while my mother is here!)

I've recently received knitterly inspiration from the preview of Interweave Knits. I LOVE A Cardigan for Arwen (I think this may be my next sweater, actually. I'm torn between it and Rogue). I'm also sorely tempted by the Equestrian Blazer and the Arctic Diamonds Stole. If I felt up to tackling serious Fair Isle, I would definitely knit the Venezia Pullover as well. This seems to be a truly excellent issue, one that I think I'll buy during Mom's visit, because I think that given time, there are 3 sweaters and a shawl I will knit.

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