Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Ends They Are A Weavin'

Friday night I cast off and grafted the last sleeve cuff of Eris.

This is what it looked like at that point, lots of ends to weave in:

The pile of ends after being woven in and cut:

And the final product on me:

"But Flan" you're saying, "What have you done about the zipper? Or buttons?"

I've actually made a decision. I'm going to use pewter clasps like these. I'm waiting for Borealis to get more in so that I can make sure I have enough matching ones. They're already on order, and I'm not completely sure how many I need, though I'm thinking the answer is six. My plan is to take the sweater there, lay it out on the table with various numbers of clasps, and decide from there. But I'm currently wearing Eris without any fasteners, and I love it! Hopefully a quick photo shoot will take place when my photographer gets back from Milwaukee.

I'm in an odd position: I don't think I've ever before NOT had a sweater in progress. Of course my order from Webs has not yet arrived. But I think I've found the perfect project for my Silky Wool, and I'm resisting swatching as hard as I can!

As a reminder, here's the beautiful soft Silky Wool:

And here is a picture of the sweater I want to knit with it, Elizabeth I from Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses. The book is incredibly expensive on Ebay and out of print, but I managed to get my hands on a copy via interlibrary loan, and I've established that I should have enough yarn....

No swatching though! I'm holding out for the arrival of my Webs order (scheduled for Tuesday) so that I can see that yarn and decide from there what project will be next. Of course, until I finish more of my many works in progress, I'll be trying to hold out in my attempt at Naked Needles.

So here is my Naked Needles question. If I actually finish all my WIPs before January 1, can I cast on for a new project that will still be on the needles, and still have been a success? (This is a highly rhetorical question at this point.)

To that end, I tinked about 10 very long rows of the shawl for my mom when I discovered a mistake, and reknit 4 rows so far. I just stopped for the evening, afraid I'd make another mistake due to being tired. I'm actually doing pretty well with Naked Needles. Mom's shawl is getting worked on, I'm close to figuring out how to finish the First Year Shawl, and the Broad Street Mittens have become my traveling knitting, temporarily replacing my sock in progress. At this rate, I might have a chance. Maybe.

PS: Two posts in one day got us to Post # 150! Go us!

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